MArine Test Site for
Renewable-energy Asia



MATSRA aims to diffuse natural energy.
We need your support to realize advance technological development.

Request for Donation and Support

We operate as a non-profit juridical organization, with an aim at creating society where natural energy is used affluently by diffusing marine energy under the slogan “Energy Essential for Our Life Lies in the Sea.” We operate and manage one of the national government’s test field of marine energy located off the coast of Kabeshima Island in Karatsu City under a contract with the national government. Our management system is characterized by the “Saga method” based on collaboration with local fishermen.

Japan is an island nation surrounded by the sea. The sea has an affluent energy reserves, such as wind, waves, tides, and temperature differences of the seawater.
Our aims are to
(1) change the rich natural reserves into energy to help better our living and
(2) diffuse energy as a local civic social organization (CSO).

Marine energy is still young; it requires more technical development and implementation of experiments. We need to never give up and move forward systematically. We need your support for the next-generation energy source, “marine energy.”

Your support is a great encouragement that makes MATSRA move forward and do better, which will eventually encourage, foster, and grow energy-related business operators. We are willing to acquire support from corporations, organizations, and citizens who are interested in our activities.

Kazumasa Kawasaki, President

About Use of Donation and Support

Your donation and support will be used in our activities and business operations as shown below.
1. Diffusion and enlightenment of marine energy
2. Development of the environment of the demonstration field
3. Promotional activities to business operators
4. R&D on marine energy and support to demonstration or testing projects
5. Stabilization of our organizational management

[Examples of Our Activities]

How to Make Donation and Provide Support

• We accept your offer of donation and support anytime.
• A monetary donation is accepted in the unit of JPY 1,000. We appreciate it if your donation is for two or more units.
We will send gifts, which are local specialties, such as Yobuko squids, to donors of more than JPY 10,000.
* Information on donors’ addresses is necessary for us to send our gifts. Please contact the Secretariat after your donation.

[Example of Gift]

• Please be noted that the names of corporations or organizations that provided us with donation or support will be disclosed on our official website.
However, we make it a rule not to disclose the names of individual donors because of privacy protection.

• We accept donation or support according to the following method:

1. Transfer to our designated financial institute

Our financial institutes Branch office or number Type or number of account Name Name (kana)
Sumitomo Mitsui
Banking Corporation
Saga branch Savings account:
Non-profit juridical
organization MATSRA
The Bank of Saga Nishi Karatsu Branch Savings account:
Non-profit juridical
organization MATSRA
Japan Post Bank Office no. 778 1802533 Non-profit juridical
organization MATSRA

2. Registered mail
Send to: Kaigandori 7182-233, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture 847-0873 (Tel & Fax No.: 0955-72-1458)

3. Handover (Please contact us about your scheduled visit in advance as there are times when we are absent.)

Office: Kaigandori 7182-233, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture

• When we confirm acceptance of your donation or support, we will send you a receipt (with corporate name, address, representative’s name and seal, date of receipt, and amount received). If you need this document, please contact our Secretariat.

• We will use your donation or support responsibly.