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Study Tour

Guidance on Study Tour

Karatsu area has several scenic and sightseeing spots.
Many tourists visit the area and enjoy various restaurants and retail stores serving or selling “Yobuko’s squids” and many other fresh marine products from the Genkainada Sea.
Other than operation and management of the demonstration field, MATSRA receives study tours as part of its activities to promote science and technology and vitalize agricultural, fishing, and rural communities and hilly/mountainous areas.
If you are interested, please read the following guidance and contact us.
The information is also available in the official website of the government of Saga Prefecture.

Official Website of Saga Prefecture:

Saga Prefecture has started "Energy Tourism" where you can enjoy traveling while learning about energy.

Download an Application for Study Tour and Notice of Acceptance of Study Tour as follows, fill in the necessary items and send it to us by fax or email.

Application for Study Tour and Notice of Acceptance of Study Tour (Excel format)

Application for Study Tour and Notice of Acceptance of Study Tour (PDF format)

[Send to] Non-profit juridical organization MATSRA
FAX: 0955-72-1458
Kaigandori 7182-233, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture 847-0873; TEL: 0955-72-1458)

* We should have received the application at least two weeks before the applicant’s requested date of tour.
* When an application was filled and accepted and we received the Application for Study Tour and Notice of Acceptance of Study Tour from the applicant, we will contact the applicant.
* In case the applicant received no call from us within three (3) days after his/her application, contact us by phone.
* We have the right to adjust the date and content of study tour, and will send a Notice of Acceptance and the tour schedule at a later date.

Plan1 (Course of observation from the landside)
Plan2 (Course of observing the demonstration field from aboard ship)

(1) Study tours are available only on weekdays.

(2) Each tour takes about 200 minutes in total.

(3) Please note that we have the right to adjust the study tour time depending on the condition of tour applications, and will do so whenever judged necessary.

(4) Applicants are required to have their own means of transportation to come to the tour starting point. We will arrange a marine taxi (charted boat), which is necessary for an offshore tour.

(5) Offshore tours may be canceled depending on the marine condition on the date of the tour. Please be noted that in case we decide to cancel a tour because of weather condition, we will contact the representative of the tour group and change the tour to the landside one to ensure safety of the applicants.

(6) Study tours are free. However, we will charge the actual cost incurred in hiring a marine taxi (charted boat) for an offshore tour. The offshore tour group is required to pay the amount indicated in the payment slip, and pay it at an appropriate financial institute at a later date.

(7) The area is a scenic tourist spot. Tour members can enjoy various marine products fresh from the Genkainada See at restaurants or retail stores. Please feel free to contact us about such information.

Contents Contact TEL FAX
Sightseeing of Karatsu Karatsu Tourist Association 0955-74-3355 0955-74-3365

Organizations visited

  • Ujima Port Promotion Association
  • Nobeoka City Hall
  • Kirishima City Environmental Conservation Association
  • Saga City Environmental Health Promotion Council
  • Buzen Commerce, Industry and Tourism Promotion Liaison Council
  • Nanzan Cultural Federation
  • Soo City Horticulture Promotion Association
  • Kagawa prefectural assembly volunteer
  • Nagasaki Marine Industry Cluster Formation Promotion Council
  • Tosu/Kiyama District Junior High School Technical Field Subcommittee
  • Nishi-Kinami Voluntary Disaster Prevention Association
  • Ube City Neighborhood Association
  • House of Representatives Research Bureau


Comments from the Study Tour

  • I was able to deepen my understanding of MATSRA's efforts regarding marine renewable energy.
  • I would like to see demonstration experiments on renewable energy continue in the future.
  • Unless I visited the site, I would not have been able to understand the detailed reality of marine renewable energy.
  • The country is aiming for decarbonization, and I think research into marine renewable energy is necessary.
  • I heard that offshore wind power generation has a fishing reef effect when it is put into practical use. Floating wind power has a positive impact on the environment, so I would like to see more research into it.
  • We want to do what we can in our daily lives to spread renewable energy.
  • It turns out that the technology to install power generation equipment in the ocean is difficult.
  • We were able to have a thorough and fulfilling observation training session.
  • It was a very meaningful visit with explanations that were easy to understand.